Positron Beams and their Applications

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This book provides a coherent and comprehensive overview of the generation and application of mono-energetic positron beams. It has been written by acknowledged experts, at a level accessible to graduate students working, or planning to work, with positron beams, and to scientists in other areas who want to know something about the field.

The book begins with a brief historical introduction and an overview of how positron beams are generated and transported. A description of the fate of slow positrons in gaseous and condensed matter, with reference to many of the fundamental measurements made possible by the advent of positron beams, is followed by a discussion on applications in the study of solid surfaces, defect profiling in subsurface regions, interfaces and thin films, and the probing of bulk properties in novel ways. The book ends with a look at the future, considering the prospects for intense positron beams and their potential for further research.

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Contents: Introduction (P G Coleman); Generation and Transport of Positron Beams (P G Coleman); Positron and Positronium Atomic Physics (G Laricchia & M Charlton); The Fate of Slow Positrons in Condensed Matter (R Nieminen); Surface Physics and Chemistry (A H Weiss and P G Coleman); Subsurface Regions, Interfaces and Thin Films (A van Veen et al.); Positron Microscopes and Microprobes (P G Coleman); MeV Beams (H Stoll); Spin-Polarised Positron Beams in Condensed Matter Studies (J Major); The Future: Intense Beams (R Howell).


Readership: Graduate students and scientists interested in working with positron beams.

322pp Pub. date: January 2000

981-02-3394-9 US$82 51

Book Code: PuoedSPf-PB3719

Main Subject Classification: Experimental Physics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics, Surface Physics, Materials Science and Semiconductors

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