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Progress in Nonlinear Photonics: Waveguides and Resonators 
March 28 - 29, 2018, Bath, UK

The meeting aims to exchange ideas and to share our evolving understanding of the physics and applications of nonlinear effects in microresonators, optical fibers and other types of photonic waveguides.

Topical coverage: Nonlinear Multimode Light; Frequency Comb Generation; Nonlinear Effects in Fibers; Photon Fluids; Conservative and Dissipative Optical Solitons.

Organisers: G. Genty (FI), M. Gorodetsky (RU), A. Kudlinski (FR), D. Skryabin ( )

Location: Chancellors Building (room CB 4.1), University of Bath, Claverton Down Campus, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK

Programme at glance: coffee at 9:15 and dinner at 19:00 on 28th March; last talk ends at 18:05 on 29th March


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Click here to register: fee is 120 pounds (dinner/wine on 28th March included); registration deadline is Feb 27th



Misha Sumetsky (Aston, UK)

Massimo Giudici (Nice, France)

Morten Bache (DTU, Denmark)

Alessia Pascquazi (Sussex, UK)

Vincent Couderc (Limoges, France)

John Dudley (Besancon, France)

Moti Friedman (Ber-Ilan, Israel)

Francois Leo (Brussels, Belgium)

Francois Copie (NPL, UK)

Julien Fatome (Bourgogne, France)

Henry Wen (Oxford, UK)

Robert Nyman (Imperial, UK)

Dash Vitullo (Aston, UK)

William Firth (Strathclyde, UK)

Bertrand Kibler (Bourgogne, France)

Tobias Kippenberg (EPFL, Switzerland)

Pascal Del Haye (NPL, UK)

Arno Mussot (Lille, France)

Ingo Breunig (Freiburg, Germany)

Dmitrii Krizhanovskiy (Sheffield, UK)

Pavlos Lagoudakis (Southampton, UK)

Bart Kuyken (Ghent, Belgium)

Christian Koos (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Oleg Egorov (Wurzburg, Germany)

Carles Milian (ICFO, Spain)

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Accommodation: some city hotels


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Conference is supported by the Quantum Electronics and Photonics Group, Institute of Physics, London

and by the EU MSCA-RISE Soliring project.