MPhil by Research in Digital Architectonics



The MPhil degree in Digital Architectonics provided participants with a theoretical and practical understanding of how software tools are constructed, extended and operated, combined with a critical understanding of how they contribute to current building industry design practices.
This masters-level programme of supervised academic research sought to prepare students for work in the world's most innovative architectural and engineering offices, or to lead them directly into PhD level research in the construction industry Computer-Aided Design field.


As well as professional and research skills, specific technical competencies were developed in:
  • Parametric Modelling (using packages such as Grasshopper, GC, Revit, DP)
  • Scripting and Macros (using extensions like RhinoScript, GCscript, VBA)
  • Programming (in languages such as C#, VisualBasic, Processing)


Full-Time MPhil 1 Year
Part-Time MPhil 2 Years


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