The Maths of Sports Stadiums

My talk entitled "The Maths of Sports Stadiums" is suitable for Year 11 & 12 students of Maths. It aims to show how mathematics is fundamental to the design of building structures. This is done through following three case studies of sports stadia I have worked on, and highlighting the use of mathematics in the design process.
Notes for teachers are available here. Feel free to use them to help plan follow-up lessons after you have attended my talk. But please don't spoil the surprise for students who have not seen my talk by showing them the material before-hand...

Talks To School Students

Date Organisation Event Location Attendance
July 2010 Cams Hill School Stadium Design Day Cams Hill School 50
May 2009 Folkestone Academy Local Schools' Maths Event Folkestone Academy 175
Mar 2009 Maths Inspiration Bath Maths Inspiration Theatre Royal, Bath 700
Dec 2008 Maths Inspiration Reading Maths Inspiration Reading Concert Hall 1100
Jul 2008 Further Maths Network Maths at Work Day Kingston University, London 100
Jul 2008 Further Maths Network Maths Enrichment Day Queen Mary University, London 80
Mar 2008 Maths Inspiration Southampton Maths Inspiration Turner Sims Hall, Southampton 500
Mar 2008 More Maths Grads National Science Week Coventry University 100
Mar 2008 Wilson's School Maths Circle 2008 Wilson's School, Surrey 175
Feb 2008 Maths Inspiration Leeds Maths Inspiration West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds 1300
Nov 2007 Maths Inspiration Birmingham Maths Inspiration Adrian Boult Concert Hall, Birmingham 900
Nov 2007 Maths Inspiration Durham Maths Inspiration Gala Theatre, Durham 750
Oct 2007 CALMAST Maths Week Ireland Trinity College, Dublin 250
Oct 2007 MathCymru Wales Maths Week Bangor University 80
Jun 2007 Construction Youth Trust Maths Enrichment Day Queen Mary University 100
Mar 2007 Further Maths Network Easter Lecture Canterbury University 200
Mar 2007 Cockermouth School Cumberland Maths Conference The Hundith Hotel, Cockermouth 200
Nov 2006 Maths Inspiration Greenwich Maths Inspiration Greenwich Theatre, London 800
Sep 2006 Maths Inspiration Kingswood School Kingswood School, Bath 100

Talks To Adults

Date Organisation Event Location  
Jul 2008 TSM 2008 Annual TSM Workshop Oundle School, Peterborough  
Oct 2007 IMA 2nd IMA Mathematics Works Conference The Royal Society, London  
Oct 2007 Engineers Ireland Maths Week Ireland University College Dublin  
Jul 2007 Kent Heads of Maths Kent Heads of Maths Conference The Friars, Aylesford