Bath Statistics Research Impact

University of Bath

Academic Impact

The group averages over 700 citations per member of staff on Web of Science.

The majority of group members also have over 1000 citations on google scholar (2 at 1000+,2 at 2000+,4000+ and 10000+)

Many of our citations are from disciplines outside academic statistics, reflecting the fact that we produce work that is used in other scientific disciplines.

Other Impact

Our work has direct impact beyond academic research. For example

  • Semiparametric modelling methods developed at Bath are used by workers at energy company EDF to improve one day ahead French electricity grid load prediction.
  • Smooth modelling methods developed at Bath are used by Fisheries Scientists at CSIRO, Tasmania to improve Fish Stock assessment around Tasmania and south Australia.
  • Forest health monitoring models developed in Bath are used by the Federal Government of Baden Wuerttemberg to help determine Forestry policy.
  • Dynamic models for predicting capital maintenance costs were used by Wessex Water to develop submissions to Ofwat and informed future pricing structures.
  • Models of how people move has been used to help design manufacturing workstations and vehicles.
  • Models of how faces move has been used to assess the effects of facial surgery on children with cleft lip/palate.
  • Conduct of clinical trials.
  • New developments in medical treatments.