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Oliver Weber (CDT)

Oliver Weber, PhD Student Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Perovskite materials for photovoltaic solar cells

Hybrid perovskite compounds based on metal halides and organic ammonium cations, for instance methylammonium lead iodide, have the potential to form a new generation of solar cells that are cheap to manufacture and highly efficient, however many issues remain to be overcome, including the relative instability of these hybrid compounds and the potential release of lead into the environment. My PhD project is focused on the synthesis of hybrid perovskites, new hybrid compounds that are not lead-based, and how their structure – property relationships result in excellent photovoltaic performance.
I’m currently a student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemical Technologies here in Bath. Previous to this I studied at the University of Bristol for an MSci in Chemistry, including a year out to the University of Toronto. My primary interest is how materials science and electrochemistry can address the challenges we all face for supply and storage of sufficient clean energy. Outside of science, I enjoy squash, sailing and lots of music and reading.


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