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Kayleigh Marshall

Kayleigh Marshall, PhD Student

Battery Materials: Synthesis and characterisation of novel polyanionic frameworks as potential electrode and electrolyte materials

Mid-late first row transition metal polyanionic frameworks containing lithium and /or sodium cations have been well investigated for their potential as battery cathode materials. Addition of fluoride anions into these frameworks has shown to increase the observed electrode potentials and is therefore considered favourable. For my PhD project high fluoride hydrothermal and high temperature solid state syntheses are employed in the search for novel transition metal fluorophosphate and fluorosulfate open frameworks capable of intercalating either lithium of sodium cations for use as electrode or electrolyte materials in lithium and sodium batteries. Novel crystalline phases are characterised by single crystal X-ray diffraction and phase purity checked by powder X-ray diffraction. A variety of new titanium based frameworks have been synthesised (one example shown below) and current work is investigating the inclusion of boron and the use of borate melts as reaction media.

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