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Former members-2

Dr Qianlong (Kevin) Wang

Synthesis and characterisation of polyanionic frameworks as electrode materials

Hydrothermal synthesis techniques, in fluoride rich media, have been used to synthesize new inorganic framework, layer and chain materials whose structures have been determined using single crystal X-ray diffraction. Mixed anion systems containing a transition metal (M = Mn, Fe, V) in combination with fluoride and phosphate or sulfate were investigated. The new materials have structures based on a variety of transition metal (M = Mn, Fe, V) centred polyhedra linked by simple (O2-, F-) and polyatomic (PO43-, PO3F2-, PO2F2-, SO42-) anions. Negatively charged polyhedral networks were found to incorporate a variety of inorganic and organic cations as extra-framework species. The incorporation of fluoride together with (fluoro-) oxoanions has enabled the synthesis of new types of functional materials and structure types.

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