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Bethan Charles (CDT)

Bethan Charles

Structure, Spectroscopy and Photoelectrochemistry of Photovoltaic Materials
PhD Student Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies

New efficient photovoltaic (PV) compounds are urgently needed for solar energy harvesting and such materials need to have their basis in sustainability. Candidate systems for the absorber layer in solar cells include metal sulfide materials, such as copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS), tin sulfide (SnS) and materials related to the lead halide perovskites. Bethan’s project looks specifically at the structure-property behaviours of these photovoltaic materials in the drive to understand and so improve device performance. During investigations into the photophysical properties of these materials Bethan works closely with the Wolverson Group in Bath’s Physics department.
Bethan gained an MPhys in Physics at Durham University before working as an analyst in the energy industry for two years. Outside of her PhD Bethan is involved in numerous groups including the Women’s Engineering Society, Bath Science in Policy, BRLSI and STEM Ambassadors. She is also a keen dancer can usually be found training after work.

O. J. Weber,  B. Charles and   M. T. Weller Phase behaviour and composition in the formamidinium–methylammonium hybrid lead iodide perovskite solid solution J. Mater. Chem. A, 2016,4, 15375-15382

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