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Adam Denington

Adam Denington, PhD Student

Novel Halide and Chalcogenide Photovoltaic (PV) Materials

Interest in PV technologies is intensifying as population increases, globalisation and energy intensive ways of living escalate the demand for energy. As fossil fuels are being depleted and the threat of global warming mounts, alternative, and in particular, renewable energy technologies such as solar power are believed by many to be key to the future vision of providing a more stable and sustainable supply of energy. My research is directed towards the design, synthesis and characterisation of new inorganic sensitisers for photovoltaic cells, in particular exploring materials such as bismuth sulphide iodide (BiSI) and related structures which exhibit properties indicating potential in the field of photovoltaics. Novel hybrid sensitizers and semiconducting materials are required for the progression towards ever more efficient, cheaper and less toxic cell architectures.
I am currently a postgraduate student here at the University of Bath, however, I previously studied for an MSci Chemistry degree at the University of Nottingham. Formerly I have been involved in research into hybrid metal-carbon nanostructured materials for use in hydrogen fuel cell technologies and have since carried through my interest in materials science and energy-related materials into a PhD in the field. Outside of science I enjoy playing video games, reading, running and playing pool.

Dennington, A. J. and Weller, M. T., Synthesis and structure of pseudo- three dimensional hybrid iodobismuthate semiconductors. Dalton Transactions, 45 (44), pp. 17974-17979, 2016

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