Group Members

Current Members

Research Fellows

Pieremanuele Dr Pieremanuele Canepa
Ramsay Memorial Fellow
PhD Kent
Li battery solid electrolytes and interfaces

Postdoctoral Researchers

James Dr James Alexander Dawson
PhD Sheffield
Solid electrolytes for Li and Na batteries
photo Dr Eszter Makkos
Electrode materials for Li batteries
Alexandra Dr Alexandra Szemjonov
Perovskite-type materials for solar cells
Alex Mr Alex Aziz
PhD Reading
Energy materials including perovskite halides
Dibya Dr Dibya Ghosh
PhD Bangalore
Perovskite-type materials for solar cells

PhD Students

Jenny Jennifer Heath
Materials for lithium and sodium batteries
Phil Phil Walsh Atkins
Materials for perovskite solar cells
Jessica Jessica Dillon
Perovskite-type materials for solar cells
Theo Theodosios Famprikis
Novel electrolyte materials for all-solid-state batteries
(Joint student with the University of Picardie, France)

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Previous Members

Dr Chris Eames(Postdoc)
Dr Hungru Chen(Postdoc)
Dr Alex Whiteside(Postdoc)
Dr David Tompsett(Postdoc)
Dr Pooja Panchmatia(Postdoc)
Dr N Kuganathan(Postdoc)
Dr Alison Jones(Postdoc)
Dr Corinne Arrouvel(Postdoc)
Dr Craig Fisher(Postdoc)
Dr Emma Kendrick(Postdoc)
Dr Julian Tolchard(Postdoc)
Dr R Andrew Davies(Postdoc)
Dr C Ananthamohan(Postdoc)
Dr Yue Deng(PhD)
Dr Stephen Wood(PhD)
Dr John Clark(PhD)
Dr Jesse Dufton(PhD)
Dr Grahame Gardiner(PhD)
Dr Paul Weaver(PhD)
Dr Steve Stokes(PhD)
Dr Richard Heap(PhD)
Dr Daniel Driscoll(PhD)
Dr Mark Read(PhD)
Dr Sakib Khan(PhD)
Dr Mike Cherry(PhD)
Dr Douglas Ilett(PhD)
Chris Hungru Yue Stephen Alison Craig Corinne Emma
Grahame Kugan Paul Pooja Steve Jesse David
Alex John

Current Collaborations

Dr Piers Barnes(Imperial College London, UK)
Prof Peter Bruce(University of Oxford, UK)
Prof William Chueh(Stanford University, USA)
Dr Craig Fisher(Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Nagoya, Japan)
Prof Clare Grey(University of Cambridge, UK)
Dr Saif Haque(Imperial College London, UK)
Dr Emma Kendrick(Sharp, UK)
Prof Christian Masquelier(University of Picardie, Amiens, France)
Prof Linda Nazar(University of Waterloo, Canada)
Dr Sam Stranks(University of Cambridge, UK)
Dr Cristina Tealdi(University of Pavia, Italy)
Dr Vanessa Wood(ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Previous Collaborations

Prof Reza Shahbazian-Yassar(Michigan Tech University, USA)
Prof Peter Slater(University of Birmingham, UK)
Prof Jean-Marie Tarascon (Univ. of Picardie, Amiens, France)
Prof Atsuo Yamada (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Dr Lorenzo Malavasi(Univ. of Pavia, Italy)
Dr Melanie Schroeder(Karlsruhe, Germany)
Dr Isaac Abrahams(Queen Mary, UK)
Dr Roger Baetzold(Rochester, USA)
Dr Glenn Mather(Madrid, Spain)
Prof Mark Smith(Warwick, UK)
Prof Sossina Haile(Caltech, USA)
Prof Gaëtan Mairesse(Lille, France)
Prof Truls Norby(Oslo, Norway)
Prof Jenny Nelson(Imperial College, UK)
Prof Juan Nino(Univ. of Florida, USA)
Dr Gabriele Balducci(Trieste, Italy)
Dr Brett Ammundsen(Montpellier, France)
Prof Jacques Rozière(Montpellier, France)

Previous Visiting PhD students

Dr Liv-Elisif Kalland(Oslo, Norway)
Dr Rajesh Tripathi(Waterloo, Canada)
Dr Elena Gonzalo(Madrid, Spain)
Dr Satyajit Phadke(Florida, USA)
Dr Sylvie Lazure(Lille, France)
Dr Ronny Glockner(Oslo, Norway)
Dr Caroline Pirovano(Lille, France)
Dr Enrique Ruiz-Trejo(Imperial College, UK)
Dr Mario Beggiora(Sheffield, UK)
Dr Jian Wu(Caltech, USA)
Dr Cristina Tealdi(Pavia, Italy)
Dr Carol Olsen(Imperial College, UK)