Where composites are used?



Composite materials may be a new kind of materials but they are already used by all aviation companies around the world. These materials are substituting metal where possible so a lighter and as strong as before product is now possible to be produced.


 Nowadays composites are everywhere, from the blades of the fun of a turbine engine to the airframe. Even the toilet seats of an airplane will be made of composites. The first ever airplane that is made literally of composites is the “Boeing 787 Dreamliner” . The bad news is that it is not completely ready yet but it will be very soon as company plans to be ready for service in the third quarter of 2009. The fact that it is made of composite materials has a 20% fuel burn improvement which in turn condributes in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Composite material processes produce less scrap material and waste and this materials can be recycled making them the ideal material for an airplane that after 40 years of service can be fully recycled.


 These facts show us  that metal is something we have to leave to the past and that composite materials are the future. By using them as much as possible we increase eficciency meaning that the travell costs are going to decrease and that the impact of the airplane on the environment will be minimal.  


Part of the 787’s fuselage which is made of composites