Nowadays with the usage of composite materials instead of metal we are getting closer and closer to the most efficient airplane but is this need for efficiency about to stop?


 The answer is no because the efficiency of a machine is directly related with the environment and since we are facing major environmental problems the need for new materials even better than composites is rising. Actually scientist and engineers are already working for these new materials. In fact they turned there looks to nature and what they found is really amazing. They were inspired by the jaws of an awfully looking worm called “Nerveis virens”. After some research on this worm’s jaws they found out that the jaws are made 90 per cent of protein. The protein particles are connected with a speciall protein, made of amino acid histidine and zinc, which makes the connection extremely strong. It is worth to say  that, the bonds that hold the proteins together make the material three times harder than any plastic we know until now.


 The scientist say that “if we can copy the formula we might be able to develop strong, liwhgtweight material for airplanes or spacecraft”. In my opinion if we manage to do that we might expirience new greater travel speeds and for sure more efficient airplanes with less negative impact on the  environment.







Sandworm: The insparation for new aerospace materials.