The following link gives a pdf-file of midterm 1 given by Prof. Gravner last year for MAT21A. Prof. Gravner's handwritten solutions are included. You can disregard the question about differentiability in (1b) and all of (4c). The rest of the midterm of Prof. Gravner gives a good indication of what I will give as midterm 1.
Example midterm 1

Example midterm 2
Way too short solutions to example midterm 2

Below are links to some sample finals (the ones of Kouba are actually three 'midterms' which together test all the material).
Kouba 1
Kouba 2
Kouba 3
Vershynin 1
Vershynin 2

A useful resource is Kouba's website with full solutions to several exercises from the book.

The final (tentatively) will have seven questions for a total of 100 points.