Mathematics I for Chemical Engineering
Autumn 2009
Coursework is due each Friday that there is no class test except for the first and the last week of term. The 7 pieces of coursework are worth 15% of your final grade in total (each of the in class tests is worth 5% and the exam is worth 75% of your final grade).

Coursework will appear on this page a week before the due date and solutions will appear on this page shortly after the due date.

Date Problems Solutions
F Oct 16 Exercise Sheet 1 Solutions Sheet 1
F Oct 23 Exercise Sheet 2 Solutions Sheet 2
F Oct 30 Exercise Sheet 3 Solutions Sheet 3
F Nov 13 Exercise Sheet 4 Solutions Sheet 4
F Nov 20 Exercise Sheet 5 Solutions Sheet 5
F Nov 27 Exercise Sheet 6 Solutions Sheet 6
F Dec 4 Exercise Sheet 7 Solutions Sheet 7
Not to be a handed in Exercise Sheet 8 Solutions Sheet 8
Not to be a handed in Exercise Sheet 9 Solutions Sheet 9