There is no required textbook for this course

The department recommends the following book for the course (and for Mathematics II):
  • Mathematical Techniques. An introduction for the Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences (3rd edition), D. W. Jordan and P. Smith, Oxford Univ. Press 2002.

    The material on the syllabus roughly corresponds to Chapters 1-5, 14-19, 28-31 of Jordan-Smith.

    Lecture notes from last year (as well as last years exercises, tests and exam) can be found here. These should be of great use.

    Below is a rough correspondence between chapters in the book and chapters in the lecture notes.
    chapters in book chapters in lecture notes
    1 1-3
    2-4 4-5
    5 6
    14-17 7
    18-19 8
    28-31 9