Paul Goodwin   Paul Goodwin
   Professor of Management Science
   School of Management
   University of Bath
   BA2 7AY
   United Kingdom

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Research interests

The integration of judgment and models in forecasting and decision making

Research grant

January 2004 to December 2006, Principal Investigator: EPSRC (GR/60198/01) “The effective design and use of forecasting support systems for supply chain management” with Professor Robert Fildes, University of Lancaster. Project web page

External roles

Member of Board of Directors, International Institute of Forecasting

Associate Editor, International Journal of Forecasting

Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Member of Editorial Board & Editor of Hot Research Topics column, Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting

Selected Publications:


Goodwin P. (1988) Quantitative Methods Revision Guide, London: Heinemann

Goodwin P. and Wright, G. (2004) Decision Analysis for Management Judgment, Third Edition, Chichester: Wiley

Wright G. and Goodwin, P. (Eds.) (1998) Forecasting with Judgment, Chichester: Wiley

Decision AnalysisForecasting with Judgement

Decision Analysis for Management Judgment Resources for lecturers and students


Suspend Your Judgment! Eight Reasons to Trust Statistical Forecasting

Recording available at


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Forthcoming papers

27. Goodwin, P. “Forecasting how conflicts will be resolved. Is it worth asking an expert?" Interfaces.

28. Goodwin, P., Fildes, R., Lawrence, M. and Nikolopoulos, K. “The process of using a forecasting support system.” International Journal of Forecasting.

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31. Lee, W.Y., Goodwin, P., Fildes, R., Nikolopoulos, K. and Lawrence, M. “Providing support for the use of analogies in demand forecasting      tasks.” International Journal of Forecasting.


Working papers

Goodwin, P., Lee, W.Y., Fildes, R., Nikolopoulos, K. and Lawrence, M. “Understanding the use of forecasting systems: an Interpretive study in a supply-chain Company.”

Fildes, R., Goodwin, P., Lawrence, M., Nikolopoulos, K. “Producing more efficient demand forecasts.”

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International Symposium on Forecasting, New York, June 24-27, 2007