The objective of this research is the development of composite nanoreinforced materials to improve impact and blast resistance of aerospace and civil structures.

Funded by EPSRC

Nanoreinforced Solid Fiber Laminates (NSFL) for improved impact resistant properties

Research Projects

Dr. Michele Meo

Material Research Centre, Dept of Mechanical Engineering





This proposal is directed towards developing a capability to accurately monitor and predict impact damage within a composite laminate, and deploy an autonomous self-healing capability to mitigate the effects of such damage on the performance of aerospace composite materials under cyclic compressive loading.

Funded by GWR and Airbus

Damage monitoring of impacted self-healing CFRP composite laminates under cyclic loading.

This is an experimental-numerical study to investigate mechanical and fatigue performance of aircraft metal-composite laminates joints over conventional composite bolted joints. This research will try to address the effects of some relevant parameters on the bearing strength of hybrid composite joints such as material and fastener parameters, joint type, laminate thickness and tolerance, and failure mode as influenced by specimen geometry and test procedure.

Funded by QinetiQ and EPSRC.

Advanced hybrid joint design configurations for improved performance of composite structures


This is an experimental-numerical study to investigate the potential use of shape memory alloys (SMA) embedded into woven composite layers for structural energy dissipation in extreme loads events.

Funded by QinetiQ and EPSRC.




Structural Energy Dissipation in Extreme loadings Events using Shape Memory Alloys


The objective of this research is to investigate the damage tolerance of 3D woven carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composite panels subjected to quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions.

Funded by GWR and QinetiQ

Damage tolerance of novel 3D composite materials