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Wednesday Presentations

What we've done so far
B-Basis and Quantile Regression
Modelling Proton Flux using Sunspot Observations
Reconstructing Ocean Temperatures in 4D
Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling for Quantifying Uncertainty in Extreme Indices

Friday Presentations

Modelling Sea Ice
B-Basis and Quantile Regression
Simulating Rare Events [GKN]
Markov Transition Model For Geomagnetic Storms
Modelling Sea Ice
Reconstructing Ocean Temperatures in 4D
Willy Wonka's Grid Factory
Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling for Quantifying Uncertainty in Extreme Indices
Generation of Random Matrices
Failure Analysis Team

Met Office - Space Weather

Counting on the weather

Forecasting Geomagnetic Storms - Sophie Murray - (25 Jan)
SEP Forecasting - Mike Marsh - (25 Jan)

Met Office - Climate

Hierarchical Models
Generalised Additive (Mixed) Models
Spatial statistics

An Introduction to Data Assimilation - Dan Simpson - (25 Jan)
Climate Modelling - Colin Morice -(25 Jan)


Statistical Process Control
Statistical Process Control Techniques
Statistical Process Control for Quality Improvement

Composite Laminates Notes
Finite Elements - Theory, Fast Solvers, and Applications - Braess - Chapter 6
SLS FEM Session Notes
Element stiffness matrix code
FEM Code 1 (.zip)
FEM Code 2 (.tgz)

Image recognition and Neural Networks - Adwaye Rambojun - (25 Jan)
An Introduction to GKN - Kaido Kaal - (25 Jan)
Uncertainty in Aerospace Composites - Richard Bulter - (26 Jan)
Subset simulation for rare events - Gianluca Detommaso - (26 Jan)
Linear Elasticity Analysis and Finite Element Modelling - Rob Scheichl - (26 Jan)


GKN's "Fuzzy Front End of Design"