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Availability and movements during Summer student Vacation 2019
03 June-27 September; the University is closed 26 and 27 August (Summer Bank Holiday and University Discretionary Day)


Although students are no longer on campus over the Summer once the semester finishes on 31 May, the student vacation sees staff involved in a variety of research- and administration-related activities. The following table is updated regularly; when not otherwise indicated, I am normally working from home and checking e-mail three times a day. Known presence on campus, and absences from Bath, at time of writing (06 August; previous commitments removed) are:



Monday 03 June

15.00 Study Abroad administration discussion

Wednesday 05 June

13.00 French Finalist BsEU

14.00 MAIT/MATBI seminars

Thursday 06 June

10.00 Conference-related meeting

Monday 10-Friday 14 June

Annual Leave (incommunicado)

Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 June

External Examining Duties, University of Sheffield

Thursday 20 June

In Liverpool for USS

Friday 21 June

University Open Day

12.15 MA dissertation tutorial

Saturday 22 June

University Open Day

Monday 24 June

In London for USS

Tuesday 25 June

09.45 Pathway to Bath lecture

10.45 MLES CTC session

18.00 Reform Club Conservation Charitable Trust, London

Wednesday 26 June

13.15 Continuing student BsEP

14.15 Management Board of Studies

16.30 PoLIS end of year barbecue

Thursday 27 June

10.15 Prevent Duty Training session

12.00 SDPR meeting

14.30 Governance-related meeting

16.45 Director Training, BRLSI

19.15 BRLSI Directors’ Meeting

Friday 28 June

12.00 SDPR meeting



Monday 01 and Tuesday 02 July

In London including USS-related

Wednesday 03 July

Interview panel all morning

13.15 PoLIS Staff Meeting

Thursday 04 July

10.00 USS-related meeting, London

Friday 05 July

UCML AGM and Plenary, London

Monday 08 July

12.30 BRLSI-related working lunch (off-campus)

17.00 School of Management Summer Party and Awards

Tuesday 09 July

Awards Ceremonies, Theatre Royal

16.00 PoLIS Graduation Event, Royal Victoria Park

Thursday 11 and Friday 12 July

In London for USS

Monday 15 July

12.30 SWG telephone conference

19.30 John Strachan lecture, BRLSI

Tuesday 16 July

14.15 Management Board of Studies

Wednesday 17 July

In London for USS

Thursday 18 July

Delivering opening keynote “The Occupation as occupation” at ASMCF-funded teaching event on Vichy, Warwick University

Monday 22 July

13.30 Advisory Committee telephone conference

Tuesday 23 July

12.00 Omnibus AGM

14.00 SWG telephone conference

Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 July

BARS Conference, Nottingham

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 July

Away from Bath

Wednesday 31 July

USS-related meetings, London

14.00 SWG meeting



Thursday 01 August

Away from Bath

Monday 05 August

15.00 SDPR

Wednesday 07 to Friday 09 August

Away from Bath (family matter)

Monday 12 to Friday 23 August

Annual Leave (incommunicado)

Wednesday 14 to Friday 23 August

Supplementary Assessment Period

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August

Bank Holiday and University discretionary day (University closed)



Monday 02 September

14.15 Placement Tutor Forum

Tuesday 03-Friday 06 September

ASMCF Conference, ULIP

Wednesday 11 September

12.30 Supplementary BsEP

Thursday 12 September

19.15 BRLSI Directors

Friday 13 September

11.30 GNC, London

Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 September

Away from Bath

Wednesday 18 September

14.15 Management Board of Studies

Monday 23 to Friday 27 September

Freshers'/Induction Week

Monday 23 September

11.00 Tutorial slot

12.15 Year Abroad Committee

Tuesday 24 September

USS-related meeting

Wednesday 25 September

10.30 Rules Group meeting, London

Thursday 26 September

14.00 AMOPA-Haute Savoie chapter visit to Bath

Friday 27 September

10.15 Induction meetings with returning MLES/L&P Second Years

11.15 Induction meetings with returning MLES/L&P Finalists

12.15 Departmental Meeting for incoming Erasmus students



Monday 30 September

Semester One teaching begins


Urgent messages in my absence may be transmitted to the Departmental Office, room 1WN 2.6 (0122538) 3950, which has a contact number for emergencies. I shall endeavour to reply expeditiously to messages received, but this may require my physical return to the office.


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