Marion Hesse

Marion Hesse

Weierstrass Institute
Mohrenstrasse 39
10117 Berlin

hessemarion87 [at] gmail () com

I am a postdoc at WIAS Berlin. Before that, I was a PhD student in the Probability Laboratory at the University of Bath. My supervisors were Andreas Kyprianou and Simon Harris.


My research interests lie in branching processes, in particular Branching Brownian motion, superdiffusions and continuous-state branching processes. I am also interested in coalescent theory to describe the genealogy of populations as well as processes of fragmentation and coagulation.

Publications and Dissertation


Here are the slides from my talk at the Swiss Probability Seminar.


I have been a tutor for MA10211, MA10212 and MA20224 in Bath. I also organised a reading group on Stochastic integration