/bin and /usr/bin on a typical Unix system, minus system tools, applications, etc.
[see test
aproposman -k
arlibrary archive
archmachine architecture
atschedule for later
atqat queue
atrmremove from at queue
autoconfcode management tool
automakecode management tool
awkpattern scanning and processing
basenamestrip directory and suffix from filenames
batchexecutes commands when system load levels permit
bcarbitrary precision calculator
bunzip2file uncompressor
bzcatdecompresses files to stdout
bzip2file compressor
bzlessdecompresses files to stdout via more/less
catconcatenate and print files
cdeclcompose C and C++ type declarations
chfnchange your finger information
chgrpchange group ownership of a file
chmodchange file access permissions of a file
chownchange file owner and group of a file
chshchange your login shell
cksumchecksum and count the bytes in a file
clearclear the terminal screen
cmpcompare two files (binary)
colrmremove columns from a file
columncolumnate lists
commcompare two sorted files line by line
compresscompress file
cpcopy files and directories
cpiocopy files to and from archives
cprotoK&R -> ANSI
crontabschedule regular events
csplitsplit a file into sections determined by context
ctagsgenerate tag file for Emacs
cutremove sections from each line of files
cvsConcurrent Versions System
dateprint the system date and time
dcarbitrary precision calculator (reverse polish)
ddconvert and copy a file
dfreport filesystem disk space usage
difffind differences between two files
diff3find differences between three files
dirlist directory contents
dirnamestrip non-directory suffix from file name
duestimate file space usage
echodisplay a line of text
edline oriented text editor
egrepprint lines matching a pattern
envrun a program in a modified environment
exline oriented version of vi
expandconvert tabs to spaces
exprevaluate expressions
factorfind prime factors of an integer
falsedo nothing, unsuccessfully
fgrepprint lines matching a pattern
filedetermine file type
findsearch for files in a directory hierarchy
fmtsimple optimal text formatter
foldwrap each input line to fit in specified width
gawkpattern scanning and processing language
gdbGNU Debugger
grepprint lines matching a pattern
groupsprint the groups a user is in
gunzipexpand files
gzipcompress files
headoutput the first part of files
idprint real and effective UIDs and GIDs
indentindent a C program
installcopy files and set attributes
ispellspelling checker
joinjoin lines of two files on a common field
killsend a signal to a process
killallkill by name
lastshow listing of last logged in users
lessopposite of more
lnmake links between files
localedescribes a locale definition file
locatequickly search for files
loginsign onto a system
lpqspool queue examination program
lproff line print
lprmremove jobs from the line printer spooling queue
lslist directory contents
lynxtty oriented web browser
makemaintain groups of programs
manmanual pages
md5sumcompute and check MD5 message digest
mergethree-way file merge
mkdirmake directories
mkfifocreate named pipes (FIFOs)
morefile perusal filter for crt viewing
mvmove (rename) files
newgrplog in to a new group
nicerun a program with modified scheduling priority
nlnumber lines of files
nmlist symbols from object files
nohuprun a command immune to hangups
objdumpdisplay information from object files
oddump files in octal and other format
passwdupdate a user's password
pastemerge lines of files
patchapply a diff file to an original
perlPractical Extraction and Report Language
prpaginate text files for printing
printenvprint all or part of environment
printfformat and print data
psreport process status
pstreedisplay a tree of processes
pwdprint name of current/working directory
pythonan interpreted, interactive, object-oriented language
quotadisplay disk usage and limits
ranlibgenerate index to archive
rcpremote file copy
rcsRevision Control System
rdistremote file distribution client program
renicealter priority of running processes
resetreset a tty
revreverse lines of a file
rexecremote execution client (do not use!)
rloginremote login (do not use!)
rmremove files or directories
rmdirremove empty directories
rpmRed Hat Package Manager
rshremote shell (do not use!)
rsyncfaster, flexible replacement for rcp
rupremote machine status
ruptimeremote machine uptime
rusersremote machine users
rwhoremote machine users
scriptmake typescript of terminal session
sedstream editor
sharshell archive
sizelist section sizes and total size.
sleepdelay for a specified amount of time
sortsort lines of text files
sshsecure remote shell
stracetrace system calls and signals
stringsprint the strings of printable characters in files
stripdiscard symbols from object files
surun a shell with substitute user and group IDs
sumchecksum and count the blocks in a file
tailoutput the last part of files
talktalk to another user
tartape archiving
tcltool command language
teeread from standard input and write to standard output and files
telnetlogin to remote machines
testcheck file types and compare values
timerun and time a commmand
topdisplay top CPU processes
touchchange file timestamps
trtranslate or delete characters
truedo nothing, successfully
tsortperform topological sort
ttyprint the file name of the terminal connected to standard input
typeshow full path of commands
uncompressexpand data
unexpandconvert spaces to tabs
uniqremove duplicate lines from a sorted file
unsharunpack a shar file
uptimetell how long the system has been running
usersprint the user names of users currently logged
usleepsleep some number of microseconds
uudecodedecode a file created by uuencode
uuencodeencode a binary file
vivisual editor
wshow who is logged on and what they are doing
wallsend a message to everybody's terminal
wcprint the number of bytes, words, and lines in files
whichshow full path of commands
whoshow who is logged on
whoamiprint effective userid
wishsimple windowing shell
writesend a message to another user
xargsbuild and execute command lines from standard input
yesoutput a string repeatedly until killed
zcatexpand files