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Nick Britton's Research Interests

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Mathematical biology: ecology, epidemiology, and evolution

My research interests are in Mathematical Biology, the mathematical modelling and analysis of biological systems.

Looking at my research from the biological point of view, I am interested in behavioural, population and systems ecology, epidemiology, and evolution. From the mathematical point of view, I am interested in developing models and methods to handle the inherent complexity of biological systems, with their heterogeneous components and their multiscale characteristics.

Strands of my recent research include the behavioural ecology of social insects, the analysis of defence strategies against parasitism (including disease), and the ecological and evolutionary analysis of ecosystem structure. These come together in a recent interest in understanding and potentially alleviating the causes of declining honeybee populations, through modelling their dynamics at the colony, population and ecosystem level.

My research is based in the Centre for Mathematical Biology, an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Bath with members from across the Faculty of Science and beyond, of which I am Director.

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