John ffitch

John ffitch was definitely born after WWII, in that part of the United Kingdom which is God's own county, certainly educated at an East Anglian university in the sixties, and despite his long hair and beard, and the uncertain spelling of his name, was never a hippie. His entire professional career has been as an academic mathematician/computer scientist, and for most of that time he has held the Chair of Software Engineering at Bath, a subject about which he knows little. His main interests have been in Relativity, Planetary Astronomy, Computer Algebra and LISP, but he has been known to dabble widely, for example in tank warfare, Latin poetry, arabic linguistics, and company management, all with some lack of success. Strangely enough he won the Adams Prize for Mathematics 20 years ago. Hobbies include maintaining Csound, supervising research students, receiving and losing e-mail, and complaining about the Web.
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