James Davenport' Research on teaching programming

James has been teaching programming for some time (in 1984 he convinced the School of Mathematics at Bath to move teaching from FORTRAN to C, for example). More recently, as classes have become larger, he has become more interested in the pedagogy of the subject. Here are some of his writings.
Authors Title Publication Bath reference
JHD with David Wilson, Ivan Graham, Gregory Sankaran, Alastair Spence, Jack Blake & Stef Kynaston Interdisciplinary Teaching of Computing to Mathematics Students: Programming and Discrete Mathematics To appear in MSOR Connections (but the HEA closed the journal and broke the "permanent" DOI). Bath reference
JHD (Panel Moderator) Mathematical Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Report of a Panel at the 2014 ICM. Proc. 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians I (ed. S.Y. Jang, Y.R. Kim, D. W. Lee & I. Yie), Kyung Moon SA, Seoul, Korea, 2014, pp. 743-754. Bath reference
JHD with Hayes,A., Hourizi,R. & Crick,T. Innovative Pedagogical Practices in the Craft of Computing Proc. LaTiCE 2016, IEEE Press, 2016, pp. 115-119. Bath reference
JHD with Murphy,E. & Crick,T. An Analysis of Introductory Programming Courses at UK Universities The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming 1(2017) Issue 2, Article 18. Bath reference
Simon, Mason,R., Crick,T., JHD & Murphy,E. An Analysis of Language Choice in Introductory Programming Courses at Australasian and UK Universities Proc. SIGCSE 2018 (ACM Press)
He is currently running a further survey globally: see details here.