Feel FAQ

What is Feel?

Feel is the reference implementation of EuLisp.

How do I get Feel?

Click here to FTP the current release. This is an interpreter written in C with an offline byte-code module compiler. To browse the EuLisp FTP directory, click here.

Is there some documentation?

There is a manual included in the distribution, but it is also available separately:
  • On-line Web version
  • dvi file? Click here to FTP
  • ps file? Click here to FTP
  • How close is Feel to the EuLisp definition?

    Feel implements about 90% of the functionality described in the EuLisp definition.

    Does Feel extend on the EuLisp definition?

    Yes. There are numerous example modules included in the distribution of Feel including support for futures, Linda and a (serial) implementation of paralations. In addition Feel has support for distributed processing via an interface to PVM .
    Julian Padget: jap@maths.bath.ac.uk