Research in Numerical Analysis at Bath

Here at the University of Bath we have a vibrant Numerical Analysis group consisting of six members of staff who work on many and diverse areas of the field.  We are always looking for good research students and we welcome applications and enquiries from interested persons. You can find out more about what we do  by consulting our individual home pages:

Professor Chris Budd:      

Dr Melina Freitag:       

Professor Ivan Graham:   
Dr Adrian Hill:      
Dr Robert Scheichl :
Professor Alastair Spence:         

You will find information about our research at individual home pages and also in the BICS Preprint Series and the   Mathematics Preprint Series . There are regular Mathematics and Numerical Analysis  seminars   in which research students play a prominent role.

If you would like to discuss more about our scientific interests please contact any of us by email or by phone (as detailed in our home pages).  Alternatively, contact us through the Department of Mathematical Sciences Office at  (+44, 1225) 386989

Further Information, Formal Applications: Information about financial support, tuition fees and the formal application procedure is given at further information      If you wish to apply please use the procedure described there.

Postgraduate Admissions Tutor:  The person with overall responsibility for admission to research degrees in Mathematics is our Postgraduate Admissions Tutor who can be emailed at   Admissions Tutor

Local Information:  Once the formal application procedure is completed, suitable candidates will be invited for interview.

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