1. John Aubrey, Brief Lives: John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester.

    What briefer life than Solomon Grundy's?

  2. J.K. Galbraith, The Great Crash.

    Describing the events of 1929.

  3. Swinburne, A song in the time of revolution.

    Written, in his characteristic style, while Swinburne was rusticated in 1859-60.

  4. Harold Pinter, Night School.

    The clue represents a pause.

  5. Auden, Letters from Iceland.

    The book is by Auden and MacNiece, but Auden wrote this part.

  6. Donne, Elegy XIV (A tale of a citizen and his wife).

    The clue is simply a better known quotation from the same author.

  7. Leopardi, Le ricordanze

    Leopardi are, unsurprisingly, leopards.

  8. Raymond Queneau, Zazie dans le métro.

    The clue mentions a Metro station suggested by the name of one of the characters.

  9. Stefan Zweig, Schachnovelle.

    Zweig did indeed live in Bath for a time.

  10. George Eliot, Felix Holt.

    This is from the introduction to the book, which is subtitled The Radical.