Algebraic Number Theory

The lectures for MATH0053, Algebraic Number Theory, February-May 2001, have now finished. Fairly complete notes on the course are available as Postscript. There are copies of them and of the solutions to the examples sheets in the pigeonholes in 1 West Level 3.

Examples sheets are accessible from here as Postscript. (You may need to use Unix Netscape rather than PC Netscape to print them from the Bath computers.)

The reading list for the course, available from the library catalogue, lists some relevant books which are available in the University of Bath Library. For number theory, Stewart and Tall is a useful source. For pure commutative ring theory, there are three standard books, all called Commutative Algebra. All are excellent, but all are hard to read as a first introduction. They are by Zariski and Samuel, by Atiyah and Macdonald, and by Matsumura. The first two are in the library; the last is not, but I have a copy I am willing to lend if anybody is interested.

Examples sheets

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