Calf is the junior COW.
The principal organiser is Tom Sutherland (Sheffield).
Local organisers include Sarah Davis (Warwick), Vicky Hoskins (Oxford), Alexander Shannon (Cambridge) and Will Donovan (Imperial). Calf announcements are made using the COW mailing list.
The COW seminar has some funds for travel expenses. To make a claim you have to fill in a Bath travel claim form (the word COW should appear prominently) and post it to Finance Secretary, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY.

The next Calf meeting: The Calf is enjoying the summer weather

Previous meetings:

  • Warwick, Thursday 1st July 2010 (MS.03, Zeeman Building)
    2.00 Pawel Borowka (Bath) - Abelian surfaces and genus 4 curves (abs)
    3.45 YongJoo Shin (Sogang) - Classification of involutions on a surface of general type with p_g=q=0 (abs)
  • Glasgow, Monday 5th April 2010 (Maths Building)
    10:30 Alan Thompson (Oxford) - Models for Ample <2>-Polarised K3-Fibrations
    11:45 Dot Winn (Glasgow) - Mori Dream Spaces and Moduli of Quiver Representations
    2:00 Joseph Grant (Bristol) - Seidel-Thomas Twists and Derived Equivalences
    2:50 Will Donovan (Imperial) - Quantum systems and Representations
  • Oxford, Thursday 4th February 2010 (SR2 and Dartington House)
    2.00 Jorge Vitoria (Warwick) - t-structures and coherent sheaves (abs) in SR2.
    3.00 Tea in the Maths Common Room.
    3.45 Yuhi Sekiya (Nagoya/Glasgow) - Moduli spaces of McKay quiver representations (abs) in Dartington House.
  • Imperial, Thursday 12th November 2009 ( Huxley Building, Room 408)
    2:00 Ben Davison (Oxford) - Noncommutative Donaldson-Thomas invariants.
    3.15 Will Donovan (Imperial) - Tilting, derived categories and non-commutative algebras (abs)
    4.30 Tea in the Maths Common Room.
    5.00 Julian Holstein (Cambridge) - Preserving K(pi,1)'s - Hyperplane arrangements and homotopy type (abs) .
  • Cambridge, Thursday 14th May 2009
    2:00 Carl McTague (Cambridge) - The Cayley plane genus. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 14th June 2007 (Maths Institute, L3)
    1:00 Nathan Broomhead (Bath) - The Dimer Model and Calabi-Yau Algebras. (abs)
    3:00 Ed Segal (Imperial) - Superpotential algebras from three-fold singularities. (abs)
    4:00 Gergely Berczi (Budapest and Oxford) - Multidegrees of Singular Maps. (abs)
  • Imperial, Wednesday 21st February 2007 (Maths Institute, 53 Prince's Gate)
    3:00 Stephen Coughlan (Warwick): Introduction to graded rings and varieties. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 23rd June 2005 (Maths Institute, L3)
    12:00 Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Liverpool): Reflection Groups, Generalised Cartan Matrices & Kac-Moody Algebras, Part I. (abs)
    2:00 Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Liverpool): Reflection Groups, Generalised Cartan Matrices & Kac-Moody Algebras, Part II. (abs)
    3:00 John Wunderle (Liverpool): Properties of higher genus curves. (. (abs)
    2:00 & 4:30 Barrie Cooper (Bath): An Introduction to Derived Categories. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 11th November 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Alexander Kasprzyk (Bath): Introduction to Toric Varieties: Part I. (abs)
    4:00 Elizabeth Baldwin (Oxford): Introduction to Deligne-Mumford Stacks: Part I. (abs)
  • Warwick, Thursday 28th October 2004 (Maths Department, B3.02 and B3.03)
    12:00 James Smith (Warwick): Introduction to K3 Surfaces: Part I. (abs)
    3:00 Marco Lo Giudice (Bath): Introduction to Schemes. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 10th June 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Barrie Cooper (Bath): McKay Matrices, CFT Graphs, and Koszul Duality (Part I). (abs)
    3:15 Michal Kapustka (Krakow): Linear Systems on a K3 Surface. (abs)
    4:30 Grzegorz Kapustka (Krakow): Linear Systems on an Enriques Surface. (abs)
  • Cambridge, Monday 15th March 2004 (MR13, Geometry Pavilion (E))
    2:00 Joel Fine (Imperial): Constant scalar curvature Kahler metrics on fibred complex surfaces. (abs)
    3:15 Gil Cavalcanti (Oxford): Massey products in Symplectic Geometry. (abs)
    4:30 Chris Wuthrich (Cambridge): On p-adic heights in families of elliptic curves. (abs)
  • Imperial, Thursday 26th February 2004 (Huxley Building, Room 140)
    2:00 Daniel Hoyt (Cardiff): Braided categories and TQFTs. (abs)
    3:15 Gil Cavalcanti (Oxford): Examples of generalized complex structures. (abs)
    4:30 Oliver Nash (Oxford): An Introduction to Twistor Theory. (abs)
  • Oxford, Thursday 5th February 2004 (Maths Institute, SR2)
    2:00 Tim Browning (Oxford): Arithmetic of del Pezzo surfaces. (abs)
    3:15 James Smith (Warwick): K3s as quotients of symmetric surfaces. (abs)
    4:30 Pierre Guillot (Cambridge): Algebraic cycles in the cohomology of finite groups. (abs)
  • Bath, Thursday 15th January 2004 (1W 3.24)
    2:00 Marco Lo Giudice (Bath): Artin level algebras. (abs)
    3:15 Jasbir Nagi (Cambridge): Graded Riemann spheres. (abs)
    4:30 Jaroslaw Buczynski (Warsaw): Legendrian varieties. (abs)
  • Warwick, Thursday 11th December 2003 (Library Room 1)
    2:00 Weronika Krych (Warsaw): False weighted projective spaces and Mori theorem for orbifolds. (abs)
    3:15 Peter Frenkel (Budapest): Fixed point data of finite groups acting on 3-manifolds. (abs)
    4:30 Vivien Easson (Oxford): Applying algebraic geometry to 3-manifold topology. (abs)