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You can find a diary connected with my 2013 first year undergraduate course Algebra 1A, the racily named MA10209. Here is a link to the Olympiad Maths Club for secondary school students in Bath and its environs.

Anyone interested in Euclidean Geometry should have a look at Christopher Bradley's writings.

The only place in the UK where you can obtain my NEW BOOK is here: A Mathematical Olympiad Primer by Geoff Smith, but if you are very far away it is available from the Australian Mathematics Trust. Other BMO and IMO training manuals such as Plane Euclidean Geometry and and the similar book for Number Theory and Inequalities by Christopher Bradley are also available there, as is The Backbone of Pascal's Triangle by Martin Griffiths. At the same site you can get UKMT yearbooks and past BMO papers. These publications are all on a not-for-profit basis. A recent picture of me .......

Merry Christmas. Entertain and calibrate your guests and relatives with the Christmas Assessment Exercise.

There are various reports and diaries on maths competitions (IMOs, Romanian Master's, Balkan MO and European Girls' MO (scroll to the bottom for recent stuff).
Back to the title. What passes for the real thing is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Bath.

He has written and edited some books which you must purchase otherwise you will contract a horrible disfiguring disease (see picture). The most widely used is the steamy Introductory Mathematics: Algebra and Analysis which is aimed at people making the transition from school mathematics to university-style pure mathematics. I have also written scripts (and sometimes appeared in) DVDs aimed at people interested in maths competitions published by UKMT.

Here are links to some media appearances; a clip from the BBC2 documentary Beautiful Young Minds and an explanatory article; some talks on the Australian ABC radio programme The Science Show 8 Nov 2008, part two on 15 Nov 2008 and the concluding part on 22 Nov 2008 and an appearance on BBC Radio 4's Midweek.

He tries to prove theorems and these sometimes surface in his CV.

He is the leader of the UK International Mathematical Olympiad team and is chair of the British Mathematical Olympiad.

He is two time winner of the celebrated Microphone d'Or as the most garrulous juror at an IMO. Here is a picture of the 2006 Microphone d'Or, with friends and colleagues Ceri Fiddes and Joseph Myers, won at IMO Slovenia 2006. Here is a close up of the sacred plastic.

He chairs the committee which administers Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses in Bath, Bristol and Swindon.

Along with Gunnar Traustason, he administers the communications service Group Pub Forum for the Group Theory research community.

Geoff is a member of an order of chivalry, the motto of which is For God and the Empire (two of his greatest interests). Therefore he is very good at opening doors and rescuing blondes from turrets.

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Dr Geoff Smith                         Email: G.C.Smith@bath.ac.uk
Department of Mathematical Sciences    Tel:   +44 (0)1225 386182 (direct)
University of Bath                     Fax:   +44 (0)1225 386492
Bath BA2 7AY                           Room:  4W2.16
England                                UKMT volunteer,
                                       BMO chair,
                                       IMOAB member.
The email address G.C.Smith@bath.ac.uk is the shiny new official University of Bath format, though once upon a time the shiny new format was masgcs@bath.ac.uk -- the one that people actually use is, of course, entirely different: gcs@maths.bath.ac.uk -- as far as I know, all these incantations work.


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Pictures are now available of the inside of my home PC here and here. Woodlice infested the box, and a spider set up a web to ensure a continuing lunch. When I tried to switch on the power after being away for three weeks, sparks flew and the air fizzed. The spider is nowhere to be found and is suspected to have committed suicide in the power unit.

The inside of the PC resembles both my office and home.

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