The Adjudicators of the 12th Leslie Fox Prize have chosen the following seven finalists:

Lehel BANJAI MPI, Leipzig
"Eigenfrequencies of fractal drums"

Coralia Cartis University of Oxford
"Overcoming some disadvantages of a Mehrotra-type primal-dual corrector interior point algorithm for linear programming"

Johan HOFFMAN Chalmers University
"Weak uniqueness of the Navier-Stokes equations and adaptive turbulence simulation"

Fabio Nobile Politecnico di Milano
"Worst case scenario analysis for elliptic problems with uncertainty"

Adam Oberman Simon Fraser University
"A convergent monotone difference scheme for motion of level sets by mean curvature"

Roland OPFER Universität Göttingen
"Tight frame expansions of multscale reproducing kernels in Sobolev spaces"

Paul TUPPER McGill University
"Ergodicity and the numerical simulation of Hamiltonian systems"

There was a very strong entry for this competition and the adjudicators had a very difficult task to decide on the shortlist. However, we are confident that our choice represents an impressive lineup of young numerical analysts, with interests ranging across the subject area.