Bath Geometry Seminar

The Bath Algebra and Geometry Group runs an informal weekly seminar on a variety of topics of common interest. Everyone is welcome.
The program can be decided at fairly short notice, so watch this space. If you would like to be on our e-mailing list, please contact me.

Spring 2018

Tue 6 Feb
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Qiu Yu (CU Hong Kong)
Calabi-Yau-X categories of quivers with potential
Tue 13 Feb
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
James Hook
Regression and low rank matrix approximation over tropical semirings
Tue 20 Feb
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Jamie Judd (KCL)
Tropical critical points of the superpotential of a flag variety
Tue 27 Feb
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Danielle O'Donnol (Indiana)
Legendrian Graphs
Tue 6 Mar No seminar
Tue 13 Mar No seminar
Tue 20 Mar Seminar cancelled
Tue 10 Apr
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Gunnar Traustason
Left 3-Engel elements in groups
Tue 17 Apr
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Alastair King
Cluster exchange groupoids and decorated marked surfaces
Tue 24 Apr
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Frances Kirwan (Oxford)
Moduli spaces of unstable curves
Tue 1 May
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol)
Counting curves on surfaces
Tue 8 May
at 1:15 in CB 3.1
Neil Gillespie (Bristol)
Equiangular lines in Euclidean space

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