Photo of Matthew Aldridge

Hi. I'm Matt.

I'm a Heilbronn Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath and at the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.

I study information theory, probability, combinatorics, and related things. I look at applying information theory to combinatorial group testing problems. I'm also interested in ways of coping with interference in large multiuser communications networks.

You might like to look at some of my papers. Good places to find my work include on the arXiv and on Google Scholar. My ORCID is ORCID iD icon0000-0002-9347-1586

In Semester 1 of 2016-2017 I taught MA40024: Measure Theory and Integration with Matt Roberts.

Recent Updates

January 2018: My paper Individual testing is optimal for nonadaptive group testing in the linear regime" is available as a preprint.

November 2017: An updated and improved preprint of my paper Performance of group testing algorithms with near-constant tests-per-item with Oliver Johnson and Jonathan Scarlett (and a new, more accurate "near-" in the title) is available.

September 2017: My paper The capacity of Bernoulli nonadaptive group testing is published in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (arXiv preprint).

September 2017: I'll be at the Heilbronn Annual Conference 2017 in Bristol on 14-15 September.

June 2017: I'll be at the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory in Aachen, Germany, from 25-30 June. I will be presenting my paper On the optimality of some group testing algorithms (arXiv preprint) at 1520 on Friday 30 June in room K9.