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My Collected Writings

Over the years, without really meaning to, I seem to have built up quite a store of writings of various kinds.  It began with my first book, Folklore of Ancient Wiltshire, which grew out of my Master's dissertation.  That gave me a taste of extended writing and, as my interests grew, it seemed natural to start to write about them.  This seemed particularly important in the field of Wiltshire folklore, where since the deaths of local folklorists Kathleen Wiltshire and Ralph Whitlock, there seemed to be nobody writing the kind of books I love to read.  So with The Haunted Landscape I began to write them myself.

At the same time my holy wells interests led me to write for the web and for Source and LSJ, and later still, family history research brought me my grandmother's handwritten recipe book which was published as Grandmother's Recipes.  Most recently I have begun writing for Druid journals about Druidry as I practice it.

So this is an index all my various published writings on different subjects.  Use the links on the left to navigate to each broad category, where you'll find the bibliographic information and links to any full-text available.  



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