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Wiltshire Holy Wells

St Aldhelm's Well Between 1990 and 2000 I did a lot of research into holy wells in general, and Wiltshire's holy wells in particular.  As a sideline, and to host my own Wiltshire wells pages, I began building the Holy Wells Web, a website of links to all kinds of information on the internet about holy wells.  This became Google's top holy wells site, with thousands of hits.  I also set up and moderated the wells-and-spas email list, which proved very popular with enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Later, I became co-editor of Living Spring Journal (LSJ), a web-based journal for holy wells research.  As many people have found before me, running any kind of journal is a huge amount of work, and as my day job became more and more demanding I found myself unable to give the time to the journal and to the Holy Wells Web that both needed.  This coincided with my growing interest in Druidry and family history, and hard decisions had to be made.  I reluctantly withdrew from active involvement in the holy wells community, closed the Holy Wells Web, and focused on other things. 

But I could not escape so easily!  When the other co-editor of LSJ left to pursue other research, the LSJ website and the archive of its longer-lived predecessor, Source, were left without a home.  I undertook to host both journal archives, and this has kept me in contact with the holy wells community.  

Now what remains of the holy wells web has metamorphosed into this 'blue' section At the Sign of the Black Cat, with links to key resources on the index page.  This subsection contains my original web writings on various holy wells in Wiltshire.  Later much of this data was incorporated into an articles for Source and for LSJ, and into a section of The Haunted Landscape.

The links on the left take you to the original text and photographs, dating from the late 1990s, but reset into the style which prevails At the Sign of the Black Cat.


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