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Holy Wells

Wiltshire Holy Wells This is essentially a page of links to holy wells resources on this site and on the wider web.    Use the links on the left to navigate to:-
  • Wiltshire holy wells - a sampler of my own research into Wiltshire's wells, springs and spas
  • An archive of almost all articles from both series of Source: the holy wells journal
  • An archive of all articles from both issues of Living Spring Journal
  • The National Wells Index, working to trace and document all holy wells in the country - a very exciting new departure in holy well studies for enthusiast and academic researcher alike.
  • The NWI holy wells and hydromancy discussion forum - well worth joining.
  • Water Talk, the wells-and-spas email discussion list, an essential tool for all serious 'wellies'.

All of these - except perhaps the first - are key resources for holy wells enthusiasts and researchers in the UK. 


Source Archive
Living Spring Journal
National Wells Index
NWI holy wells forum
Water Talk email list
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