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12/02/01 - Issues eight and nine of the First Series are now online. That completes the text for the previously almost impossible to find issues prepared by Mark Valentine in the 1980s. Phew!


05/02/01 - After a long break from the archive enforced on me by major computer problems and other commitments, i return with a bumper update. Now online are all of the articles from issues four, five, six AND seven of the First Series. That is a massive twenty one new files. The highlights are too many to mention so i'll leave you to explore it for yourself.



15/05/00 - Unable to find many of the contributors i decided to 'publish and be damned'. A list of the people i can't find is reproduced here, if you know how i can contact anybody listed please let me know.

So this update completes the first three issues the First Series, and includes plenty of good information on wells in Kent, Cambridgeshire, Surrey and Derbyshire. More soon.


29/03/00 - Quite a substantial update to the First Series repertoire this time. It includes all five of the articles on Shropshire holy wells by Laurens Otter, and six articles on Cornish wells based on Paul Broadhurst's Secret Shrines book. A Leicestershire and Rutland gazetteer by Clive Potter, and finally assorted single articles from Monica Sjõõ, Mark Valentine, and Allen Meredith.

Another fifteen articles, and now for some Guinness!


14/02/00 - Just a small update this time. From the New Series are articles from John Crawshaw and Edna Whelan, the latter being a report on Yorkshire wells associated with the head cult.

And from the First Series,  two articles from Chris Lovegrove, and one each from Debbie Saward, Nigel Pennick and Laurence Main bring the total to 78 out of 150 - over half way now!!


24/01/00 - An article each by Dr Miranda Green and Dr Nancy Edwards complete issue one of the New Series.

And from the First Series, now included are two excellent county gazetteers (for Dorset and Somerset) by the one and only Jeremy Harte, two articles each by Chesca Potter and Caroline Wise, and also Simon Clarke's report of the well at Conisbrough, near Doncaster.


04/01/00 - Just to prove that i have no life, here are another twenty articles. From the New Series, is an article on St Arilda's Well (which is just down the road from yours truly) by Jane Bradshaw.

The rest come from the First Series and include bits and pieces from Bruce Osborne, Edna Whelan, Alan Cleaver (three articles), Janet and Colin Bord, and a legend about a Leicestershire well.

Also included are some county gazetteers by Mark Valentine (Buckinghamshire) and Laurence Hunt (West Penwith, Cornwall and County Durham - two articles). The series on Yorkshire wells by Edna Whelan is now complete (further five articles), as is the series on wells in the south and west by James Rattue (further three articles).

That should give you all enough to be going on with for a while yet. But watch this space, much more is yet to come.


23/12/99 - In between the Yuletide parties and solsticial celebrations i managed to get my act together and sort out some more articles for your delight. This update includes two articles from Val Shepherd, and one each from Alban Barter and Annie Wildwood, all from the New Series.

But that is not all, you will also find six articles from the First Series. These include county studies by James Rattue, Edna Whelan and Laurence Hunt, and an article by Alan Cleaver.


03/12/99 - And another busy week sees another six New Series articles digitised, bringing the total to 32 (out of 64). This update includes another two articles by former editor Tristan Gray Hulse, and one each from Laurence Hunt, John Crawshaw, Barrie Williams and Katharine M. Jordan.


26/11/99 - It's the end of the month and i have no beer money :-( so i stayed in and digitised some more articles for you. These are all articles written for the New Series by Michael Bayley (2 articles), Kemmis Buckley (2 articles), Ken Davies, Robert Morrell, and Lesley Park & Allan Cleaver. Seven in total!!!!!


22/11/99 - Not content with the first dozen startling articles, the four articles James Rattue wrote for the New Series also go digital. And as i'm a generous chap, i've even included two of Cheryl Straffon's New Series articles. One of these, about a new-found Cornish well dedicated to St Brigid, generated some debate, and prompted the then editors to write an editorial. For completeness this is also included.


15/11/99 - The Source Archive goes online featuring ten articles by Tristan Gray Hulse, and two by Janet & Colin Bord. All from the New Series. What more could you ask for :-)


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