Can You Help?

     Every attempt has been made to contact the very many authors and illustrators that have contributed to Source over the years. Unfortunately, some are proving rather difficult to find. I have therefore decided to go ahead and reproduce their articles without prior permission in order to get this archive as complete as possible. If a contributor objects then the offending article will be removed as it is not my intention to upset anybody or to break copyright law.


Rowland G. M. Baker Howard Huws Clive Potter
Phyllis Brown Roy Kerridge Abigail Shepherd
Phillipa Bryan Paul Longmore Caroline Sherwood
Mildred M. Cook Sandy Maclennan Gina Silverman
Linda Dearden Valerie Martin Brian Slade
Paul Dewer Allen Meredith David Stone
R. W. Feachem Carole L. Nelson Prof. Charles Thomas
Jonathon Foster Lesley Park Howard Usher
P. D. Hartley P. M. & E. M. Patchell Fr. Martin Warner
Tony Haynes Karl Petit Revd. Joe Wilcox
John L. Hughes John Pile

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