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This site was created in 1999 to serve the existing holy well and waterlore community, and to attract new enthusiasts, by republishing many (and eventually, it is hoped, all) of the articles originally published in the fifteen issues of SOURCE - the Holy Wells Journal.

Note to researchers: Richard Pederick created the Source Online Archive, which was lodged in filespace donated by the University of Bath.  Earlier this year (2006) it transpired that the filespace was needed and, since Rich had left the University several years ago, and I was known to have been involved in another holy wells project (Living Spring Journal), I was asked if I would host the pages.  Rather than have the valuable Source Archive lost to wells researchers, I took the archive into my own filespace on the University server and did my best to contact Rich and let him know what had happened.  I have not yet heard back from him, so until I do, and until he wishes to take back hosting of the Source Online Archive, I'm happy to go on hosting it.  

Katy Jordan

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