These guidelines are designed to help the reviewers of articles submitted to LSJ for inclusion in the Well Reviewed stream.  They are as straightforward as we can make them, and indicate the high standards of scholarship we require for this stream.

   While the guidelines are primarily directed at the reviewers of articles, we encourage prospective authors of articles for the Well Reviewed stream to read them in order to gain a better understanding of the elements which the reviewer will be looking for.

   Authors should note that any article not considered to be of a high enough standard for the Well Reviewed stream may still be considered for inclusion in one of the other streams of LSJ.



   As stated in our Guidelines for Authors,  '...referees will be asked to judge whether the article contributes sufficiently to our knowledge and/or understanding of wells...'

   Peer review only applies to one stream of LSJ, Well Reviewed.  In this case, 'sufficiently' is taken to mean that the article is of a high enough quality to merit inclusion in this one stream, rather than elsewhere in the journal.  Once again, we refer reviewers and authors to our Guidelines for Authors where we state:-

'Our criterion for publication depends less on the subject angle of the study and more on the quality of submission: is it logical, well-written and well-argued? Does it contribute to understanding of the field? Will it enhance people's appreciation of living springs?'

   For a more detailed explanation of the criteria we apply to submissions to the Well Reviewed stream of LSJ, please see below.


Reviewer's role: responsibility to authors

   The role of the reviewer in relation to the author is to provide written feedback on the scholarship of their article.  This will necessarily require you to apply our defined criteria, but we ask you to approach this in a positive way, so as to make this a constructive and beneficial exercise for the author concerned.  At least one reviewer of each article will be familiar with the subject area covered.


Reviewer's role: responsibility to editors

   Another role of the reviewer is to inform the editors about the suitability of the article for inclusion in the peer reviewed section of LSJ.  The article will only be published in the Well Reviewed stream if the reviewers deem it to be of a 'sufficiently' high quality of scholarship.  By ensuring high standards in the submissions for this stream, we intend that LSJ will become the foremost journal for research about holy wells and waterlore, and will be accepted by academics and research assessment boards as a rigorously edited forum.

   We would like a brief written report (email is acceptable) advising us whether the article should be:-


Reviewer's role: responsibility to readers

   If the author agrees to let your comments appear, we would like you to submit a brief written report for inclusion in LSJ alongside the reviewed article.  We are particularly keen to promote this approach, which reflects the open ethos of the internet published journal.  Used constructively, to promote open discussion and debate, this initiative can break down the barriers between author and reviewer, and between academics and non-academics. 


Points to consider

   Please take the following questions into account when you review articles for LSJ:-



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