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WHOLLY WELL READ - Key to Reviews

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In this stream we aim to review any material relevant to the study and/or enjoyment of holy wells and waterlore.
Although this will largely involve the written page, there is no reason why other forms of media cannot be reviewed also.
This might include CD-ROMs, conference presentations, television programmes, art exhibitions, etc.

Readers are welcome to submit their own reviews of anything that they feel may be of interest to other enthusiasts.

Each review is accompanied by a 'droplet rating' giving a brief assessment of the material.
Here is what each rating means:-


read0.gif (1227 bytes) Utter drivel. Do not touch it with a bargepole!
read1a.gif (1361 bytes) Oh dear, definitely lacking a certain something.
read2a.gif (1426 bytes) Not quite up to the standards we want and expect.
read3a.gif (1505 bytes) A fine attempt that will find favour with many people.
read4a.gif (1569 bytes) A very commendable piece of work. Highly recommended.
read5.gif (1579 bytes) Absolutely superb, buy it, hug it, love it forever.


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