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Archaeology Data Service

The aim of the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) is to collect, describe, catalogue, preserve, and provide user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research.


An organisation that acts as a national focus for the exchange of information concerning the preservation and protection of ancient sites and their setting, and the maintenance of access to them.


In their own words, 'a pioneering project encouraging people to join in making music for the River Stour as it rises in Somerset and Wiltshire, and flows southward through Dorset to the sea at Christchurch'. They have a composer in residence and publish various works promoting water consciousness, including a bimonthly newsletter available on the web.

Source Archive

The online archive of Source - The Holy Wells Journal. Fifteen issues were published between 1984 and 1998 and most of the articles are reproduced in this free electronic resource.

Spas Research Fellowship

An organisation which promotes education, research and scholarship into all aspects of spa and mineral waters use. They also provide a forum for the dissemination of the results of such research through their website, a series of publications and an annual conference.




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