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Pin!!Gill Burns informs us that she has recently completed her research on the St Helen's spring and ruined chapel near Bamburgh in South Yorkshire. She continues to tell us that she is now trying to find the location of all St Helen wells, springs churches and chapels in England. She would be very grateful for any information.

   The editors have already informed Gill of James Rattue's The Living Stream which briefly discusses St Helen dedications (he notes 43 such well dedications, ranking St Helen as second in the league table of holy well dedications). Her attention has also been drawn to the work of Edna Whelan (see the Source Online Archive) on the wells of Yorkshire, the county which has a large number of St Helen sites.

   Does any reader know of any St Helen sites not listed by Rattue or Whelan? In particular, does anybody know of any St Helen sites not in the North of England?

   Gill will be pleased to receive information by email.


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