Contemporary accounts 1990s account
Prior use for at least 150 years Prior use for several centuries
No account of professional opinion of the waters prior to establishment as a spa. Doctors and gentry did not value it.
Sadler drained the field and inadvertently the well also. The spring inconveniently flooded the lane so Sadler drained the area.
Well was filled in. Well was obstructed with cartloads of earth and fenced off with railings
'Much murmuring and dissatisfaction' plus local stories of healing water induced Sadler to reopen the well. Sadler upset the villagers. They broke the lock to get to the water.
Sadler observed the locals coming to drink the water and noticed high numbers of cures. Sadler fell seriously ill and was cured by drinking the water.
Sadler had the water tested and it proved to be similar to the Pyrmont spring water. Eminent chemists analysed the water and it proved to be unique (thus proving the locals correct all the time)

 Table comparing contemporary accounts of Salt's Hole/Purton Spa with
writings in the 1990s


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