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THE International Electronic Forum for Research into Holy Wells & Waterlore

Welcome to LSJ, a revolutionary new electronic journal for the study of all aspects of holy wells and waterlore.

In these virtual pages we present an eclectic mix of original research, new thinking, hot information, personal impressions and whatever else our readers want to contribute to the study of holy wells and waterlore.

We feature a select number of peer-reviewed articles that represent the cutting-edge of thinking by leading scholars in the subject. Alongside these are in-depth and shorter high-quality articles on a wide range of subjects, notes, queries, correspondence, book reviews and news items.

Seven streams of information flow from this Living Spring, and readers have a choice of methods for navigating them. Either read each issue sequentially, or follow an individual stream as it courses through successive issues.


Richard Pederick
Editor, Living Spring Journal.


 Richard Pederick and I originally produced Living Spring Journal, which was at that time lodged in filespace donated by the University of Bath.

  After the first issue had been published and having done much editing work on issue two, I found my day-job was becoming too demanding for me to continue as joint editor with Rich.  He therefore produced issue two alone, and since then no further issues have been published.  Several years ago Rich himself moved on, and the files of LSJ remained as an archive on the University of Bath filespace.

Earlier this year (2006) it transpired that the filespace was needed and, since Rich had left the University several years ago, and I was known to have been involved in the LSJ project, Computing Services suggested that I host the pages.  

Rather than have LSJ lost to wells researchers, I took the archive into my own filespace on the University server and have done my best to contact Rich and let him know what had happened.  

I have not yet heard back from him, so until I do, and until he wishes to take back hosting of LSJ, it has a secure home here. 


Katy Jordan
Ex-Editor, Living Spring Journal


Latest Issue

Issue 2
(November 2002)


Previous Issues

Issue 1
(May 2000)

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Living Spring Journal was published as an e-journal by Kernunos Publishing

Editors: Richard Pederick (Issues 1 & 2); Katy Jordan (Issue 1)

ISSN 1471-132X

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of individual articles remains with the respective author(s)


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