As we live in an age of multiple communication channels, (but paradoxically can easily and speedily 'talk' to each other without even meeting), there are a number of ways in which you can get in contact with the editor.


By Email: This is our preferred method of communication for most official matters regarding the running of the journal. If possible, email us with ideas, requests, correspondence, articles and anything else you require publishing in Living Spring Journal.

Email address:


By Post: If you do not have access to the internet then please post your thoughts and/or material to the address below. Please only use this as a last resort as we wish to minimise the costs associated with the running of the journal. Please also mark the envelope 'LSJ' to help Katy prioritise her post in the mornings (i.e. read the wells correspondence and ignore everything else until after lunch!).

Address to:

Richard Pederick,
Magnolia House,
Oakwood Drive,
SN12 7NN,
United Kingdom.


   Essentially, anything regarding the running of Living Spring Journal should be directed through the above channels so that i can keep an eye on things and don't miss anything important. However, i also love to talk about wells and stuff so you can also get in touch 'unofficially' by either emailing me personally, or by joining the wells-and-spas mailing list.


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