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Introducing a major book on Wiltshire from local folklorist and author Katy Jordan



Folklore, ghosts & legends
of Wiltshire

by Katy Jordan

222 pages. Published by Ex Libris Press, Bradford-on-Avon.  Illustrated throughout by specially commissioned photographs by Richard Pederick. Fully referenced and indexed.

ISBN 1 903341 08 6

OUT OF PRINT - a few remaining copies at 9.95 available to individual enquirers by contacting Katy direct


    In this book, folklore is understood to be a living, changing entity, arising from the hopes, fears, preoccupations, needs and concerns of us ordinary people as we try to make sense of the world we live in. Like people throughout the ages, we try to come to terms with the great imponderables of existence - birth, death, religion, war, the passing of the years, and the terrors which lurk outside the comforting circle of lamplight.

    Author Katy Jordan has drawn together some of the strange tales she has read or been told about Wiltshire. You will find the theme of religion represented by tales of saints, devils and old gods, by holy wells and holy trees, and by various traditions centred on the church building itself. People are deeply marked by the experience of battle and war, and traditions of battles from many different times have come down to us today.

    In the latter part of the book, the author deals with our fear of the unknown and uncanny, the entities that lurk on the roads, woods and fields around our homes, and worse still inside them: ghosts, witches, black dogs, alien big cats, and other more malevolent beings.

    Born in the Vale of Pewsey, Katy Jordan been fascinated by folklore all her life. Nevertheless, she maintains the healthy scepticism of a scholar. This makes The Haunted Landscape a truly fascinating and reliable guide to the folklore, ghosts and legends of Wiltshire.


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