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At the Sign of the Black Cat I have created interlocking websites where I write about aspects of my life that may be of interest to other people.  It is very much under development and will grow over the coming months.  


The Black Cat logo unites the pages and draws together my disparate research and writings.  So where you see the black cat, it indicates that the page you are reading has been designed and written by me. 


Tales from the Black Cat is my very intermittent blog where I comment on some of the pleasures and aggravations of building a website such as this. 


The site is still very much under construction after nearly two years in existence.  It takes time to spin a large web...  Nevertheless I am happy to announce that after a year of inactivity, during which I was much occupied with blogging my brother's fundraising journey from John O'Groats to Lands End, I have at long last just completed an update to the Green Men area, with many more new examples, taking our total of Wiltshire Green Men into three figures!


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