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General works on the Green Man

Anderson, William, 1990.      

Green Man: the archetype of our oneness with the earth.  London: Harpercollins.  ISBN: 0951703811
Anderson, William, 1995. The Green Man and the Goddess: exploration of a living myth.  Orion, v.14 (3), pp.7-15.
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Basford, Kathleen, 1978. 

The Green Man.  Cambridge: Brewer.  ISBN: 0859910245.   The classic work on the Green Man, full of wonderful black-and-white images.
Basford, Kathleen, 1991. A new view of Green Man sculpturesFolklore, v.102 (2), pp.237-9.   Review of Anderson, 1990.
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Coulter, James, 2006.

The Green Man unmasked: a new interpretation of an ancient riddle.  Milton Keynes: AuthorHouse.  ISBN: 1420882864

Doel, Fran, 2001. 

The Green Man in Britain / by Fran and Geoff Doel.  Stroud: Tempus.  ISBN: 0752419161
Ettlinger, Ellen E., 1979. Review [of 'The Green Man' by K. Basford].  Folklore, v. 90 (1), pp.108-9.

Harding, Mike, 1998. 

A little book of the Green Man.  London: Aurum.  ISBN: 1854105639

Harte, Jeremy, 2001.

The Green Man.  Andover: Pitkin.  (Pitkin guides).  ISBN: 1841650455
Hayward, L.H., 1939. The 'Green Man' in church architecture.  Folklore, v.50 (2), p.188.
Hicks, Clive, 2000. The Green Man: a field guide.  Fakenham: Compass.  ISBN: 095170382X

MacDermott, Mercia, 2006.

Explore Green Men.  2nd ed, rev. & exp.  Loughborough: Heart of Albion.  ISBN: 9781872883 946.    Simply the best work on the green man published in recent years, based on scholarly research but written for the enthusiast as well as the specialist.  Highly recommended.

Matthews, John, 2001.

The quest for the Green Man.  Newton Abbott, Godsfield.  ISBN: 1841811114

Millar, Ronald, 1997.

The Green Man companion and gazetteer: his origins, his history, his folklore, his meaning and where to find him.  Seaford: S.B. Publications.  ISBN: 1857701313
Negus, Tina, 2003. Medieval foliate heads: a photographic study of Green Men and Green Beasts in BritainFolklore, v.114 (2), pp.247-70.
Raglan, Lady, 1939. The 'Green Man' in church architectureFolklore, v.50 (1), pp.45-57.



Regional works on the Green Man

Grundy, Thirlie, 1998 The Green Man of Carlisle Cathedral.  Carlisle: Thumbprint.  ISBN: 189881208X
Grundy, Thirlie, 2000. Going in search of the Green Man in Cumbria.  Carlisle: Thumbprint.  ISBN: 1898812101
Grundy, Thirlie, 2001 The Green Man in Northumbria and County Durham.  Carlisle: Thumbprint.  ISBN: 189881211X

Grundy, Thirlie, 2003. 

The oaken myths of post-conquest Britain: symbolic carvings from 1066.  Carlisle : P3.  ISBN: 0953720381.  Concentrates largely on the carvings in Carlisle Cathedral, compared & contrasted with similar carvings elsewhere in England.
Hayward, Anthony, 2000. The Green Men of Birmingham.  Erdington: Kiva.  ISBN: none.
Satchell, John, 1999. The Green Man in CumbriaFolklore, v.110, pp.98-9.
Willsher, Betty, 1992. The Green Man as an emblem on Scottish tombstones.   Markers: annual journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies, v. 9, pp.58-77.


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